Most of us in the Paleo world know that regular beer is a big no-no. Made from barley and loaded with gluten, it can provide both an alcohol and a gluten hangover for those with gluten sensitivity. So what are the alcoholic options? We’ve stated that red wine is mostly acceptable, but with St. Patrick’s Day here – what about Irish Whiskey? To keep it simple, we’ll focus on one of the most popular brands purchased in the U.S. Is Jameson’s Irish Whiskey Paleo?
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What is Jameson Irish Whiskey?

Irish Whiskey is one type of many distilled alcoholic beverages. Jameson Irish Whiskey is made using barley, malted barley (malt), and water. Barley is a grain that contains gluten, and malted barley is partially fermented. These ingredients go through several processes, including distillation, which actually removes any residual cereal protein, making the final product gluten free!


Is Jameson Irish Whiskey Paleo?

Well, technically, no, Jameson Irish Whiskey isn’t 100% Paleo since it is made from grains, it doesn’t provide any nutritional benefits, it wasn’t around in the Paleo era, and it does more harm then good (well, health-wise, though many would argue that point!). But you could say that about every modern-day alcoholic beverage. Although there are many problems with grains and gut health, Jameson Irish Whiskey is gluten-free with no sugar added. Therefore, we think it is a great choice for Paleo drinkers!

So, go ahead and enjoy your Jameson on this festive day!

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