ThePaleoList Answers:  Is Ezekiel Bread Paleo?

Ezekiel Bread is produced using grains that have already sprouted before they are ground into flour. As a result of the extra legumes and material included in the grain, the bread becomes more digestible and contains extra nutrients. While Ezekiel Bread is known for its health benefits it still might not be exactly 100% Paleo diet friendly.  So is ezekiel bread paleo?

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Ezekiel Bread Breakdown

The big issue:

The big problem that comes with Ezekiel Bread is that it contains a large amount of gluten. Although it can help with digestion and will contain far less gluten and carbohydrates than some other types of bread it’s really just a better option for carbs rather than a good option. In the paleo diet, counting your card is essential and Ezekiel Bread is a decent option for including carbs in your diet but it should be something that’s widely avoided.

is ezekiel bread paleo

Not a cheat dish but close:

Ezekiel Bread doesn’t necessarily count as a full on cheat dish in small portions but the nature of the sprouting does work to reduce some of the digestion issues that you can have when you eat only small amounts of crabs. While Ezekiel Bread doesn’t necessarily count as an official cheat dish it can certainly make you feel pretty awful when you are on a low carb diet or a paleo diet.

The reason it can make you feel terrible:

The main reason that Ezekiel Bread can really make you feel terrible on a Paleo diet is because it can cause a spark in carbohydrates throughout your system. When you are deprived of carbs and bread regularly, our system can take the inclusion of bread, even Ezekiel Bread as a shock to the system. As a result of eating this bread you might feel the same type of energy spike and then gradual comedown that you might feel on some cheat days. Many paleo diet users experience this spike and then sudden drop in energy and this can be a serious problem if you are training. While cheat days are essential to maintaining your lifestyle as an individual, there is no reason why you should cheat with Ezekiel Bread. Or feel bad as a result of eating this fairly healthy carb.

So Is Ezekiel Bread Paleo?

Most paleo diet participants would suggest it’s much better to cheat big. If you are going to risk introducing extra carbs into your diet you might as well go big. Ezekiel Bread is relatively healthy but if you are going to experience the same type of crash in your diet and energy levels you should probably just get a pizza or go for brown bread. The only advantage where Ezekiel Bread can add a benefit is with digestion. While you might feel the same loss in energy, you may not experience the same type of digestion difficulties that you would when you cheat very big with restaurant food or rich carbs on a paleo diet. For this reason Ezekiel Bread dishes can be very useful.

Remember to use caution with Ezekiel Bread because although it is a better carb, it isn’t exactly Paleo friendly.  So to answer the question “is ezekiel bread paleo?”, the answer is no.

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