Paleo Diet Food List and Understanding the Paleo Diet

paleo diet food list

The first thing that people always ask is what is the paleo diet? This is the healthiest diet out there of all of the others because it will work with you based on the genetics of our ancestors and allow you to stay lean and strong. The diet itself is based on biology, biochemistry, and dermatology and show that the diet that is consumed by 90% of people that makes up the modern diet is one that gives us disease from sugar, fat, and many other problems. The paleo diet returns to our roots as hunters and gatherers and allows us to see that we need to consume to right the wrongs that have been caused by the modern diet.

What is the Paleo Diet?

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At this point, you might be wondering – what is the paleo diet?  When you are building a healthy paleo diet, you need to focus on lean proteins that will lead you to strong muscles, healthy bones, and will ensure that you are not hungry in between all of your meals.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

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Are Potatoes Paleo?
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Is Coffee Paleo?
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Are Sweet Potatoes Paleo?
Is Oatmeal Paleo?

Your Paleo Diet Food List Need for Healthy Fats

When you are on a paleo diet, your biggest need is to consume foods that have fats in them, but that are the healthy fats, those means those that are high in Omega 3 and those that are low in saturated fats.  A paleo diet food list should consist of foods that are low in saturated fats and ensure that you can reduce your chances of obesity, cancer, and brain decline. Saturated fat has been shown to be very dangerous and one of the worst things for you, however, low saturated fat is something that is very important for your diet and for your health. These are the fats that were eaten by our ancestors and that insure that we are able to maintain a healthier weight as well as be happier.

The largest changes that we have made from our ancestral diet include the quantities and the kinds of fat that are eaten by modern people and animals instead of the ones that were seen in ancients. If you look at the meat itself today, it is very easy to see that wild meat is lean while farm meat is not and is full of many strange chemicals. What this means is that it is much better for us to eat and consume wild game than it is to consume meat that was raised on a farm. There are a few exceptions to this such as meat that has low amounts of saturated fat that is usually free range.

what is a paleo diet

When it comes to looking at the ancestral diet, it is easy to see that there were large amounts of low meat that were found in the diet and that this meant that there were also low amounts of grass fed animals. There are many ways that you will be able to see how much healthier it is to be able to have access to the free-range animals over time and why you should be eating more elk and deer than anything else.

What Are the Healthy Benefits of a Paleo Diet?

When it comes to being healthy, a paleo diet food list will provide you with all of the nutrition that you need. This means that people will see that they will have reduced pain, less inflammation, as well as rapid weight loss and other things that make something that is very different happen for them right away. People have realized that the paleo diet has not just stood up to the test of time, but also to the test of science. What that means is that mankind simply shifted all of their foods from healthy to not healthy foods; they also decided to decrease the intake of all of the vitamins and minerals that were bad for us. That means that we need now to increase all of these things as well as look at the ration of carbs, to protein and other things that we are consuming. When it comes to making sure that we are healthy, that means that you need to realize that we have to remake our diets if we are expecting to live healthy lives. The reason for this is that it is very important to make sure that we can take the modern diet and throw it out the window and instead focus on all of the things that our ancestors used to consume. When we are able to remake our diet in this way, we will see that there will be a sharp gravitational pull towards a healthier lifestyle. When you are healthier, you will see all of the differences that will allow you to love your lifestyle and your new found nutrition. Get ready to go back and to adjust your lifestyle so that you are able to feel better.  Hopefully, you won’t be wondering what is the paleo diet anymore!

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