is menudo healthy


When it comes to living the Paleo lifestyle, there are many Mexican and Mexican-American foods that are strictly off limits: corn, tortillas, cotija cheese, black bean soup, quesadillas, and the list goes on and on. How about a traditional favorite without dairy, corn, or grains? Is Mexican menudo soup Paleo?

What is Menudo Soup?

Let’s first cut to the chase here. Menudo soup is made with tripe, or beef stomach, one of the easy-to-forget organ meats. You can bet the cavemen didn’t leave it behind. Menudo recipes vary, but the main ingredients include tripe, chili pepper, onions, lime, oregano, and cilantro. Many recipes also call for hominy (corn), and recommend serving it with tortillas or bread. Traditionally, many claim it is the perfect hangover cure, so if you’ve had a few too many drinks, menudo soup could be your savior.

Is Menudo Soup Paleo?

The short answer is yes! Menudo soup is Paleo, as long as you skip the corn. If you’re ordering it at a restaurant, first check if it contains corn, and then have them hold the tortillas or bread and go ahead and enjoy it. When making it at home, you definitely want to opt for grass-fed beef stomach for optimal nutrition. Tripe is a good source of selenium, fat, and protein, and the leftovers can be roasted with seasonings until they’re crispy.

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