When it comes to easy on-the-go Paleo snacks, the healthy options are few and far between. Many of us turn to things like LaraBars and homemade energy snacks, but when you want something salty with a satisfying crunch, it is easy to get sick of raw nuts and seeds. So what about the popular seaweed snacks, which go by the names of laver, seaweed snacks, and SeaSnax? We’ll take a look at the brand SeaSnax, and decide if their treats are as healthy as they are Strangely Addictive.
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What Are SeaSnax Sheets?

SeaSnax is a company that makes a variety of seaweed snacks. The original SeaSnax sheets are roasted seaweed sheets with a little salt and olive oil. This method of preparing seaweed snacks is incredibly popular in South Korea, where the homemade snack is called laver.


SeaSnax sheets are made with organically grown seaweed, 100% organic extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt. These crunchy bites are gluten-free, vegan, and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Are SeaSnax Paleo?

Yes, actually, these are one of the few packaged goods that are relatively Paleo. Our ancestors have been consuming seaweed for thousands of years, but prepackaged seaweed snacks as we know them are often treated with preservatives, or made with vegetable and seed oils. Since SeaSnax are made with just nori (seaweed), salt, and olive oil, this product passes the Paleo test! Other popular brands, including generic grocery store brands, and Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks, are made with sesame, canola, or otherinflammatory oils. When compared to tortilla or potato chips, they might be better, but they don’t score as high as SeaSnax.

We recommend SeaSnax brand seaweed sheets for your salty, umami-packed snacking.

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