The Paleo List Answers:IS PROSCIUTTO PALEO?

Looking at the spread at restaurants, cocktail parties, and summer BBQs can get tiresome for those who don’t follow the typical American diet. However, we’ve previously discussed that just looking for meat and vegetables isn’t always a safe bet either, as many cold cuts and GMO crops aren’t considered Paleo or healthy either. Let’s take a look at a typical Italian cured meat you’ll find on just about every hors d’ouevre menu around the country: prosciutto. Is it Paleo?
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What is Prosciutto?


Prosciutto is basically salt-cured and dry-aged ham. Although it is often confused with bacon and pancetta, those cured meats come from the pork belly, while prosciutto comes from the ham. In fact, prosciutto is the Italian word for ham, though everyone else in the world uses it to refer to the cured ham. And unlike both bacon and pancetta, prosciutto is eaten as is, since the long curing process and dry-aging renders it safe without fire!

Is Prosciutto Paleo?

Actually, yes, prosciutto is Paleo, as long as you watch out for additives and sugar during the curing process. You’re definitely better off purchasing it from a local farm or butcher shop, but this salty dried meat is a-okay with the cavemen. Keep it to a minimum, and buy the highest quality! Watch the salt intake since prosciutto has a lot of sodium, but otherwise, enjoy it wrapped around vegetables, on Paleo pizza, in salads, or on its own.

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