Much of the concern over bread and pasta deals with the gluten protein and it’s difficult journey through the digestive tract. Many of us have gluten-related issues, but don’t realize it until we cut it from our diets entirely. Now that you’ve cut out all varieties of wheat, are gluten-free pastas Paleo?
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What is Gluten-Free Pasta?

There are many different brands and types of gluten-free pastas, but they’re all made with some kind of starchy element (normally a grain), such as white or brown rice, buckwheat, corn, bran, or quinoa. Gluten-free pastas tend to be processed a little more than regular flour pasta because the gluten protein is what helps develop the stretchy, chewy texture of regular breads and pastas.


Is Gluten-Free Pasta Paleo?

No, gluten-free pasta is not Paleo. For starters, it is pretty highly processed, but the raw ingredients themselves (quinoa, rice, etc.) are also not Paleo. If you have stomach trouble with gluten and you want a cheat, a gluten-free option might be better on your stomach, but you should definitely go for brands with the fewest ingredients on the label, or opt for easy-to-digest rice noodles. Otherwise, check out totally Paleo “pasta” options like zucchini noodles and spaghetti squash! Additionally, you can make pasta out of sweet potatoes and alternative Paleo-approved flours, but as for now, there don’t seem to be any gluten-free brands on the market that adhere to true Paleo standards.

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