The Paleo List Answers:ARE AVOCADOS PALEO?

Avocado! It’s everyone’s favorite nut – or fruit? Or is it a vegetable? We know one thing: it is a good friend to the vegans, and beloved by all, so that’s always a good reason to dig a little deeper. We’ll take a look at this trendy food for ourselves to answer: Is it Paleo?
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What Are Avocados?

Native to Mexico and the surrounding countries, avocados are a staple of cuisines throughout North and South America. Avocados are often sorted into various categories, including nuts and vegetables, but they’re actually a fruit!


Containing more fat than any other fruit, avocados are high in calories and can scare away many dieters looking to lose weight. They’re about 75% fat, but primarily monounsaturated (the good stuff). They’re also loaded with vitamins and micronutrients, and much lower in fructose than just about any other fruit.

Are Avocados Paleo?

Yes! Thousands of bloggers and Paleo-eaters are not wrong on this one – avocados are definitely Paleo, and they’re certainly a healthy part of just about any diet. Their fat content makes them incredibly filling, and the rich, creamy texture is optimal for replacing actual cream and dairy in a wide variety of applications. There’s a good chance they weren’t around during the actual Paleolithic era (earliest evidence dates them around 10,000 B.C.), but they’re natural, healthy, and delicious, and you should eat them!

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