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Each new “healthy” brand of chips to hit the store shelves seems too good to be true – and it usually is. We’ll take a look at one “healthier” brand of crunchy snacks: Popchips, and answer the ever-present question: Is it Paleo?
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What are Popchips?

Popchips are crispy round chips that are popped using heat and pressure. This is quite different from most other potato chips, which are either fried or baked. They are also free of preservatives, hydrogenated oils, and MSG. There are a variety of flavors and styles, but the standard flavor is simply Sea Salt.
Are Popchips Paleo

Are Popchips Paleo?

We’ll answer that with a quick gander at the ingredients list, as many of you know enough about the Paleo diet to answer the question yourself. Ingredients: dried potato, rice flour, sunflower, safflower, and/or canola oil, potato starch, sea salt, salt.

The only Paleo-approved ingredient on that list is the sea salt, and it is at least the fourth ingredient! It’s clear that although Popchips might be a bit better for you than the standard canola-laden and deep-fried brands, they’re still not Paleo. Opt for something homemade, like a baked sweet potato chip, kale chips, or zucchini chips instead.
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is popcorn paleo cook book

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