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In the United States, Italian sausage is a style of pork sausage noted for its seasoning of fennel and/or anise, containing at least 85% meat and no more than 35% fat. Made in sweet and hot styles, this kind of sausage is generally not cured. A typical method of cooking in grilling, as depicted here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Is Sausage Paleo?

There’s nothing quite like the classic combo of sausage and eggs. Bacon and eggs is comparable and maybe even surpasses, but it’s nice to have options, right? Not only that, but sausage is extremely versatile and comes in a variety of flavors and forms.

To clarify, all sausage is not created equal and therefore, all sausage is not paleo. This is one of those circumstances when you need to closely check the ingredient label. If you see fillers listed such as soy, refined sugar, MSG, milk powder, cheese, vegetable oils, or grain-derived ingredients, stay away. Generally, a paleo-friendly sausage will contain good-quality meat, spices, possibly some vegetables and natural animal casing. Quality sausage can be hard to come by, but brands like Applegate and US Wellness Meats make some great options. Additionally, farmer’s markets, meat markets and food co-ops are terrific places to look for local homemade sausage.

Another alternative is to make your own sausage. Patties, in particular, are incredibly easy to whip up. For a very basic recipe, all you need is ground meat and spices of your choosing. Mix everything together in a bowl, form into patties, and either cook right away or freeze. It can also be prepared as grounds. It’s that simple, and this way you know exactly what you are getting. For a tasty Italian sausage spice blend, check out this recipe from the book, Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo.

Finally, there is another good thing about sausage.  It’s made from all of the other organ meat that paleolithic humans used to eat, so it can be rich in nutrients that us modern humans haven’t been getting.  Be sure to check out the fun “facts” infographic below from Huffington post about sausage.

So what’s the verdict?  It’s paleo, but get it from a farmer or processor that doesn’t adulterate the meat with the nasty ingredients above.  Jimmy Dean ain’t gonna cut it!

Do you eat sausage and consider it paleo? What are your favorite brands?


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