Get the App on iOS and Android

The Paleo List is now available on iOS and Android platforms.  We’ve been through a couple of revisions based on user feedback, and have been steadily adding more exotic foods that seem to fall in gray areas.  We are working hard to be the best paleo reference you can have on the go, so when you come across that Swiss Chard in the grocery store, you know what to do (tip: eat it, you’ll thank us later).


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So what do you get when you install The Paleo List?

1.  A simple, searchable index of foods that filters as you type.  No need to scroll forever.

2.  Food details!

  • Is It Paleo? – Three color coded options here for those of you who just want to know – Paleo/Primal.  Maybe Paleo/Primal.  Not Paleo/Primal.
  • Caveats – Instead of listing all the various types of a food,  this as a chance to tell you how to prepare them, what to look out for and from which varieties you should steer clear.
  • Descriptions – We want to know why the food is paleo, not just that it is.  We figured you might want to know too.
  • Sources – We want you to be able to do your own research, and also drive traffic to those in the paleo/primal community that already have contributed so much.
  • Dates – When the source was first posted, when it was added to our database, and the last date it was modified.

3.  Flowchart.  Can’t find the food in the app?  Consult the flowchart by answering a few questions to get a paleo verdict.

4.  Suggestions.  Have any foods that you think should be added to our list, or that you aren’t sure of?  Do you love Is It Paleo?  Do you hate it?  Is there some piece of code that would make it even more awesome?  We want to hear what you have to say.  You can add a suggestion directly via the app or you can hit us up on twitter.  Your input counts, we have some very cool functionality in the works thanks to our users.

4. Syncs to your iPhone.  Each time you open The Paleo List the most current information from the web database will be downloaded and saved to your phone.  So even if you are without signal, you are never without your Paleo database.  Oh, and did I mention all the updates are free?  It’s because we love you.

The Why Behind Is It Paleo? 

In my practice I’ve seen many people successfully dive into the paleo lifestyle and have great results.  I’ve also seen many discouraged or overwhelmed by trying to begin.  In uncovering the difference between those scenarios, I have found that simplicity is crucial for sustainable change.  Jim and I are trying to eliminate those “moment of decision” food questions for people by providing a simple and quick answer.

You may remember the Paleo Diet Flowchart that I posted a few months back.  The reaction to that post was – and still is – staggering.  It was obvious that many health-seekers out there were hungry (pun intended) for this information.


Available_android 2

We Need You

We are adding foods as quickly as we can, but we truly want your input to help us grow this database faster with foods you want in it.  Since our goal is to do it right the first time, we lean towards being slow and deliberate in expanding our database.  When you request foods, they will get top priority.

Thank You

After having many domestic and international sales already, we have been humbled by the support of The Paleo List.  We’ve reinvested in it so we could bring The Paleo List to the Android marketplace.  If you have purchased our app, shared it or even thought about it, Jim and I sincerely thank you.  We look forward to hearing from you.