The Paleo List Answers:IS AGED CHEESE PALEO?

We all want a little something melty and delicious to top off our summer burgers, but is all cheese created equal? Can you get by with a little cheese in your life, or should you steer clear? Is aged cheese Paleo?
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What is Aged Cheese?

Aged cheese is nothing like the stuff many of us Americans called “cheese’’ growing up. Blue box macaroni and cheese? Not cheese. Orange slices of Kraft singles? Not cheese. Gloppy canned nacho sauce? Also not cheese. Real cheese is made using milk curds, sometimes rennet, and in some cases, specific strains of bacteria to help it age. Aging or maturing/curing, is an important step in the cheese-making process, and helps to develop a wide array of different flavors and consistencies.


Is Aged Cheese Paleo?

If you’re a purist, you’re going to shun all kinds of dairy, be it grass-fed butter or aged Parmesan. Certain forms of dairy can be incorporated into a Primal diet, and aged cheese is one of them. If you’re going to go for dairy, try to get it in its most natural state. As Mark Sisson says, “if you must have it, raw, full-fat dairy, especially fermented, is best, followed by organic, non-homogenized dairy.” We agree with Mark – have your delicious aged Parmesan or Gouda, but opt for raw when possible, and consume in moderation as part of a primal diet.
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