The Paleo List Answers:Is Sparkling Water Paleo?

is carbonated water acidic

It’s time to take a look at some people’s hardest aspect of the Paleo social life: drinks. It’s clear that there’s no soda and no milkshakes, but what about other seemingly innocuous beverages like sparkling water? Is it Paleo?
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What is Sparking Water?

Pressurized carbon dioxide is added to plain water to create sparkling water. Also called soda water, water with gas, carbonated water, and seltzer water, the effervescent effect comes simply from the carbonation.

Is Sparkling Water Paleo?

Yes, sparking water is Paleo! Although artificially carbonated water is slightly more acidic than regular water, it isn’t linked to any bone mineral density, and is still significantly less acidic than soft drinks. If you just can’t stand plain water any longer, definitely opt for the carbonated varieties, but be sure to avoid anything flavored. Instead, you can freeze lemons and limes in ice cubes to flavor your water, or just add fresh cucumber and mint for a nice refreshing flavor. Just skip the Mio, Crystal Light, and other fake flavorings.

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