ThePaleoList Answers:  Are Raisins Paleo?

are raisins paleo

It can be hard to get your sweet fix when you first transition to the Paleo diet, and many people choose to turn to natural sweeteners like coconut sap sugar, blended date syrup, or unsweetened dried fruits like blueberries, cranberries, and seedless raisins (Sultanas, Thomson Seedless). Are both the seeded and seedless varieties of raisins Paleo?

What Are Raisins?

are raisins paleo cookbook

Raisins are dried grapes. Essentially, grapes are either dehydrated or left in the sun to dry, which helps the water in the fruit evaporate. You are left with all the sugar and fiber without the water. In the states, we refer to raisins without seeds as Thompson Seedless, though they also go by sultana raisins in many other places around the world. Some places use sultana to refer to golden raisins. Golden raisins are treated with sulfur dioxide to give them the golden color. This sulfite is commonly used as a preservative in dried apricots and prunes, and is an allergen that can cause asthma and other health problems.

Are Seedless Raisins Paleo?

So here’s the thing, yes, raisins, like most other dried fruits, are Paleo. You should be purchasing organic dried fruits that don’t use sulfites or any other preservatives to ensure you’re getting the healthiest product. Many people choose to avoid dried fruits in general for several reasons, but the main reason is due to the high amount of carbohydrates. The fructose level of dried fruits is worrying, especially since it is so much easier to overeat dried fruits than fresh fruits. If you are consuming preservative-free dried fruits, (or drying them yourself), and consuming in moderation, you shouldn’t have any problems with raisins in your diet!

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are raisins paleo cook book

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