The Paleo List Answers:ARE EGG NOODLES PALEO?

You’ve probably had soft and flavorful egg noodles in a past life when things like Beef Stroganoff, Fettucine Alfredo, Lo Mein, and German Spätzle were on the menu. Now that you’ve entered the Paleosphere, for the first time in your life you’re probably wondering if egg noodles are actually made from eggs, and if so, are they Paleo?
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What Are Egg Noodles?


Egg noodles are different from regular pasta solely due to the addition of eggs to the batter. Most pasta contains just flour and water (though some do contain eggs, sugar, or vegetables), while egg noodles are simply pasta with the addition of eggs. Believed to be first invented in China, some say that the Chinese even require a certain percentage of egg in the noodles for them to be called egg noodles.

Are Egg Noodles Paleo?

While the addition of eggs is definitely a good thing, egg noodles are still not Paleo. When prepared properly, they’re generally a better option than regular grain-based pasta options, but they still contain flour, which is a grain. Therefore, egg noodles are not Paleo. There are a few options for Paleo-fied pasta, such as spiralized vegetables, spaghetti squash, and even homemade sweet potato pasta, so check out the options below to get your noodle fix.

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is popcorn paleo cook book

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