The Paleo List Answers:Is Avocado Ranch Dressing Paleo?

It sounds like a match made in heaven: the deliciousness of avocado and ranch flavors without the dairy-laden mayonnaise base, right? Well, what exactly is Avocado Ranch Dressing? Is it Paleo?
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What is Avocado Ranch Dressing?

Ranch dressing is a basic buttermilk-based or sour cream-based dressing flavored with dill, garlic, onion, and parsley. However, Avocado Ranch Dressings are popping up in the grocery stores. Are they a healthy alternative? We took a look at the ingredients listed on Hidden Valley’s Avocado Ranch Dressing. The list includes vegetable oil (soy and/or canola), sugar, dried avocado, blue 1, yellow 6, and yellow 5.
Is Avocado Ranch Dressing Paleo

Is Avocado Ranch Dressing Paleo?

Um, nope! Well, not the store-bought stuff! This is another example of a highly processed food product masquerading as a healthier alternative. Do. Not. Buy. This. Store-bought salad dressings are one of the first things you should get rid of when you go Paleo, because they’re loaded with sodium, sugar, preservatives, and a number of strange ingredients. What’s more, the homemade versions are way better!

Check out the articles below for Paleo and Primal versions of avocado dressings and ranch dressings from around the web! You can easily make your own version of the rich and tangy dip!
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