are wasabi peas paleo


Most of us love a little spice in our food, and wasabi seems like a great way to heat things up! We’ll take a look at a popular crunchy snack: wasabi peas. Are wasabi peas Paleo?

What Are Wasabi Peas?

Wasabi peas are basically peas coated in wasabi powder (among other things) and quickly deep-fried to draw out the moisture and make them crunchy. The coating generally includes wasabi, sugar, salt, and cornstarch to give them the addictive flavor and crunchy texture.

Are Wasabi Peas Paleo?

Nope! Not only are peas not technically Paleo, but they’re often fried in soybean oil and coated with numerous ingredients (like cornstarch and sugar), not just wasabi. They might be deliciously addictive, but they’re certainly not full of nutrients. We still don’t hate on peas, and authorities in the Paleo sphere also agree that peas are acceptable, but the spicy coating is questionable, and the fact that they’re deep-fried in unhealthy oils (soybean, canola, etc.) means they’re definitely not good for you. Sure, they’re still probably better than a bag of Doritos or potato chips, but not by much!

If you’re looking for that spicy, crunchy snack, check out the recipes below for homemade alternatives. Wasabi almonds have become more popular, and if you’ve got the time to make them yourself, you’re in for a treat!

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Image Source: L’Chaim Foods

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