The Paleo List Answers:IS CHICORY PALEO?

Many of us simply know chicory as a type of coffee found at Café du Monde in New Orleans.  But chicory isn’t actually coffee, it’s a bitter root that is baked, ground and used as an additive in Café du Monde’s coffee as well as in coffee drinks around the world.  In the Paleo community, some anti-coffee drinkers are considering chicory as a complete substitute.  Is this root too good to be true?
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What is Chicory?

You may often see radicchio or endive mixed in your fancy salad, and chicory is the root plant that creates these bitter and nutritious leaves.  It goes by numerous common names in the United States, and is prized as an herbal remedy in Germany.  Chicory leaves contain many plant compounds known to be beneficial to human health, and the root contains prebiotic inulin, a type of fiber frequently used to battle constipation in the elderly and improve gut flora.


Historically, chicory was prized for its bitter taste.  It’s often used as an additive or substitute for coffee to boost flavor and consistency during wartime and the Great Depression.  Sources date its use as far back as Roman times.  So what’s the verdict on this root?

Is Chicory Paleo?

If you haven’t figured it out for yet, chicory is Paleo.  Chicory root is a great way to naturally enhance the flavor and texture of your morning brew, and the leaves are excellent when grilled, roasted, or tossed in salads. Whether you’re looking for a coffee substitute or just a little variety, chicory is worth checking out.

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