The Paleo List Answers:Are Morels Paleo?

It is morel season! Every high-end restaurant is currently hunting for this season treat, but what exactly are morels? Are they Paleo?
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What Are Morels?

Morels are actually a type of edible mushroom that grows in the wild. They’re abundant throughout the western hemisphere, primarily during early spring along the east and west coasts of the U.S. Morels prized for their taste, and their short season has created not only high prices, but also a cult following of morel hunters. This popularity and exclusivity has been enhanced by the secretive pastime of hunting morels every spring. Morel hunters often head out with either a small team or not team, afraid of sharing the secrets of the best spots. Morchella morels have earned the moniker true morel because there are so many imposters in the wild, many of which are poisonous. If you do choose to hunt morels, be sure to bring a field guide to avoid the false morels.
Are Morels Paleo

Morels themselves are incredibly flavorful, meaty mushrooms with a high dose of vitamin D and iron. However, morels should never be eaten raw. These mushrooms contain small amounts of hydrazine toxins that are removed through cooking. Even still, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to these powerful mushrooms, and even cooked morels can cause mild intoxication symptoms when consumed with alcohol.

Are Morels Paleo?

Yes! They’re one of the few remaining widely foraged foods available to the general public. If you really want to feel a connection with your Paleo ancestors, find a knowledgeable morel guide and do some modern-day hunting and gathering. As noted above, be sure to consume small amounts at first, and it is recommended to consume only a reasonably amount. Morels are often paired with butter, thyme, or scrambled eggs.
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