The Paleo List Answers:Is Hard Cider Paleo?

So you’re looking for an alcoholic beverage to bring to Thanksgiving. You know most alcohol is technically not Paleo, but what about something like hard cider? It is a favorite seasonal beverage, but is it Paleo?
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What is Hard Cider?

In the most basic form, hard cider is an alcoholic form of apple cider. In many parts of the world, apple cider actually refers to alcoholic cider. Hard cider is made by fermenting unfiltered apple juice (apple cider), turning some of the sugars into alcohol.
Is Hard Cider Paleo

Is Hard Cider Paleo?

While alcohol is kind a questionable addition to the Paleo diet, if wine is Paleo, then apple cider is also Paleo. Simply made by fermenting mashed apples with champagne yeast, cider is naturally gluten-free, and could theoretically have been created in the Paleo era. If you’re looking for something less bad to enjoy this holiday, go ahead and grab a natural hard cider for you and your host/guests to enjoy.
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