The Paleo List Answers:Are Sweet Potato Chips Paleo?

When it comes to snacking, especially during barbecues and sport-watching events, chips and dip are a must-have item. Sure, you can make a vegetable platter or even zucchini chips, but nothing seems to dip quite as well as a tortilla or potato chip. We’ll take a look at a possibly Paleo-fied version: Sweet Potato Chips.
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What Are Sweet Potato Chips?

To put it simply, sweet potato chips are the exact same as potato chips, but they’re made using sweet potatoes instead of regular white potatoes. They are sweeter, and have more flavor than plain old fried chips. Beyond that, there are a number of differences among sweet potato chips. Many are fried in GMO soybean oil, or inflammatory vegetable oils, which makes them just as bad as regular potato chips. However, due to the “healthy” reputation sweet potatoes have gained in the last few years, many companies are making sweet potato chips a little on the healthier side, but it can be very difficult to find brands without any non-Paleo oils.
Are Sweet Potato Chips Paleo

Are Sweet Potato Chips Paleo?

Well, yes, if you make them at home, sweet potato chips are Paleo! You can also order Jackson’s Honest Organic Sweet Potato Chips with Coconut Oil online for a Paleo option!
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