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Dining out at sushi restaurants can be incredibly difficult with all the rice, soy, and even sugary sauces. Asking about the ingredients in each of these different sauces can be confusing and troublesome, so we’ll answer one for you: is ponzu sauce Paleo?

What is Ponzu Sauce?

A more recent addition to the U.S. grocery store chains and restaurants, ponzu sauce is growing in popularity around the country. Somehow, this light and flavorful sauce covers the sweet-salty-bitter-sour spectrum simultaneously. Essentially, ponzu sauce is a citrus-seasoned soy sauce, often made from lemon or lime, mirin, and rice vinegar. It is normally served with a garnish of sesame seeds and green onions. This thin sauce looks much lighter than soy sauce and can be consumed as a vinaigrette, a dipping sauce, or a marinade for meats and vegetables. Now that you can identify it, what’s the Paleo verdict?

Is Ponzu Sauce Paleo?

Since the main ingredient in this sauce is soy, traditional ponzu sauce is not Paleo. However, you can substitute coconut aminos for soy to make a paleo-friendly version of this delicious sauce. Sprinkle it over your meats and vegetables, or make your own Paleo Asian slaw with Paleo ponzu, sesame oil and julienned snow peas, cabbage, and carrots!

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