The Paleo List Answers:IS GHEE PALEO?

Ghee is one of those health items that seems to be showing up on every food blog in the country, but this cooking fat is native to both Northern and Southern Indian cuisine. Commonly used in a variety of traditional Indian dishes, it has now made its way into a variety of cuisines around the world as a fat that can handle high heat, and an alternative to butter. Is it a healthy cooking option? Is it Paleo?
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What Is Ghee?

If you’re familiar with clarified butter, you’re familiar with ghee. Ghee starts as regular butter, which is basically just butter fat and milk solids. To make ghee, butter is melted, at which point you’ll see the milk solids begin to separate. The butter is simmered as the water burns off, and the milk solids begin to brown. This stage is known as brown butter. To make ghee, the milk solids are then strained out and you are left with pure butterfat.


Is Ghee Paleo?

Well, ghee is technically still butter, which is not Paleo, but it does have the casein and milk solids removed. The creator of the Paleo lifestyle, Dr. Loren Cordain, advises against dairy of all kinds, but many other leaders in the field are completely okay with ghee. Technically, since it comes from dairy, ghee is not considered Paleo, but it is completely Primal. It does have all the “non-Paleo” compounds removed, so the choice is up to you. Check out the articles below to help you decide!

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