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are lara bars paleo

The Paleo lifestyle is one that requires a lot more time in the kitchen than standard “American” or “Western” diets. Gone are the days of making mac & cheese in the blue box, or grabbing energy bars and granola bars from the pantry on a busy day. There are a few bar options that almost sound too good to be true, and Lara bars are among them.  Most of the bars that you find in grocery stores today are definitely not Paleo — they’re filled with sugars, preservatives, chemicals, additives and more.  Even bars that claim that they’re organic or healthy might not be conducive to a paleo diet.  But…Are Lara Bars Paleo?

What are Lara Bars?

Lara Bars are fruit and nut bars made completely gluten-free, with controls in place to handle allergies and eliminate exposure to gluten. All bars are certified Kosher, and considered low in carbohydrates. Fruits, nuts, and spices are ground and mixed together, but the bars are normally considered “raw” since they are not baked or cooked in any way. And all Lara Bars without honey or chocolate chips are completely vegan. Additionally, you don’t see any inflammatory oils, like canola or safflower in Lara bars, and they’re verified by the Non-GMO Project.

are lara bars paleo cookbook

Lara Bars state that each bar is free of gluten, soy, dairy, genetically modified organisms, animal products and is certified kosher. Depending on which bar you pick, the nutrition information for each bar varies, because each of them has different ingredients, but each one is made with between 2-9 whole food ingredients. Lara Bars come in a variety of flavors that change periodically, seasonally, and based off demand

Larabars were started to provide consumers with an all-natural snack that is convenient for staying healthy while eating on the go. Unlike other similar health bars in the market, the Larabar is free of protein, whey and dairy products that are used as a workout supplement. Consumers that have various food allergies or sensitivities, with the exception of nut allergies (tree, etc.), may find they can eat the Larabar when they can’t find anything else that fits their diet.

Are Lara Bars Paleo?

Mostly, yes. There’s good news in the Paleo world:  you can actually buy packaged Lara Bars for a Paleo snack! Not all bars are Paleo though, so be sure to check the ingredients. Carrot Cake contains just almonds, walnuts, dates, raisins, pineapple, coconut, carrots, cinnamon, and coconut oil, so it’s definitely a Paleo option. Apple Pie, Blueberry Muffin, and Cherry Pie are also among the Paleo options, but many contain peanuts or peanut butter, or non-organic chocolate chips with soy as an emulsifier. You can definitely enjoy Lara Bars as long as you take a quick look at the ingredients before buying!

Additionally, if you’d prefer to do it yourself, you can always find a great recipe to make your own homemade Lara Bars.  Knowing which fruits and ingredients are paleo, you can make them very easily in the comfort of your own home.  Then the possibilities are endless!  Here’s a video that will help teach you how to make your own Lara Bars at home:

Are you struggling with which foods are Paleo?  Do you need help planning some Paleo meals?  Check out this great Paleo cookbook:

are lara bars paleo cook book

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