coconut aminos paleo


Are coconut aminos paleo?  You may have heard about a seasoning sauce called Coconut Aminos, which is often touted as some sort of healthier alternative to soy sauce. Because it comes from coconut, it is often used as a non-allergenic alternative to both soy sauce and tamari. The real question though, is it Paleo?

So What are Coconut Aminos?

It’s simple really; coconut sap is extracted from the coconut tree, then blended with sea salt and bottled. That’s it: two ingredients. This coconut sap or nectar is “somewhat” like soy sauce, but has a very unique taste all its own. This seasoning sauce is dark, salty, and rich, and is often chosen as an alternative to soy sauce when making stir-fry and other Asian dishes for its lack of soy and wheat.

Are Coconut Aminos Paleo?

So what’s the verdict? Yes it is completely Paleo. There’s really nothing wrong with natural coconut sap blended with sun-dried sea salt. Plus, it boasts 17 amino acid, vitamins B and C, and other minerals, despite the small serving size. The sap itself is tapped straight from the tree and is naturally low on the glycemic index – weighing in at GI 35. It’s great as a marinade, cooking sauce, and as an ingredient in Asian-inspired salad dressings like ginger-sesame. If you want a soy-sauce like Paleo option, definitely go for Coconut Aminos!

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