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Today’s post delves into the world of Indian cuisine, which tends to be a favorite among vegans, vegetarians, and Paleo-eaters. Let’s take a look at raita, a traditional Indian side dish. What is it? Is it Paleo?

What is Raita?

Raita is a thick yogurt-based dip. It is usually made with a pile of chopped fresh vegetables – like cucumber, onion, and tomato – and seasoned with traditional Indian spices and fresh herbs, such as mint, cilantro, or parsley.

There are many variations of raita, and it can be served as a dip, sauce, or salad, depending on the size of the vegetables and the presentation.

Is Raita Paleo?

Nope! Although the fresh herbs and vegetables are more than okay, the yogurt base is a deal breaker for the Paleo world. However, if you’re following a Primal diet, plain, high-fat yogurt is generally considered acceptable! If you can find local yogurt from grass-fed cows, then you can easily make a Primal Raita dip to accompany your favorite Indian-spiced protein. And if you’re feeling extra ambitious, you could try it with Kefir!

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