The Paleo List Answers:ARE NEW POTATOES PALEO?

Despite the controversy, we all know that regular old white potatoes are not considered 100% Paleo, and most people seem okay with sweet potatoes. Many people substitute with things like cauliflower mash or sweet potatoes, but what about other varieties of potatoes? Are new potatoes Paleo?
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What Are New Potatoes?

To put it simply, new potatoes are just young potatoes. They have thin skins and firm, crisp interiors, and since their sugars have not yet converted into starch, they’re sweeter. They also cook relatively quickly compared to some other varieties of potatoes, and are more perishable.New Potatoes Paleo

Are New Potatoes Paleo?

Potatoes in general are not considered Paleo (unless you’re a high-intensity athlete) because of their starch (leading to high glycemic rating) and their Saponins (an anti-nutrient). However, as Mark Sisson says, every body is different, and your body may handle potatoes without any GI distress. If you have a healthy metabolism, there’s a good chance that potatoes, a natural, whole food, can be a part of your healthy diet. No, new potatoes are not Paleo, but they’re a better option than run-of-the-mill Russets.
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