is cottage cheese paleo

While most people don’t consider cheese a particularly healthy food, cottage cheese has developed a reputation as healthy over the years. Whether it’s the cottage cheese and grapefruit diet, or just another way to get extra protein in your diet, it’s been around for quite some time. It is kind of a polarizing food item; one person loves it as much as the next person hates it. Is it healthy? Is it Paleo? Let’s take a look!

What is Cottage Cheese?

Traditionally, cottage cheese was created as a way to use up the leftover milk after making butter. Since most of the fat was removed in the butter-making process, the result was a low-fat, high-protein skim milk. Bacteria culture is added to cause the milk to form cheese curds. These days there are lots of different kinds of cottage cheese, made from different milks, and in a variety of different styles. You can even make your own cottage cheese at home using skim milk, rennet, and a bacteria culture.

Is Cottage Cheese Paleo?

Paleo? Definitely not, primarily because the Paleo diet doesn’t include dairy. However, many people choose to follow a more Primal version, which includes high-quality dairy such as grass-fed milk and cheese. For those of you who can handle casein and lactose, you’re in luck: cottage cheese is primal! So, if you’re open to dairy on your Primal diet, then cottage cheese should be just fine. However, be sure to go for grass-fed dairy if you can find it, or try to buy organic dairy if you can afford it. Ask around for local dairy farms, or stock up on Straus Creamery dairy products when you’re in California.

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