what is satsuma


The Satsuma is growing in popularity around the world, as we all come to love various citrus fruits. Is it Paleo?

What is Satsuma?

Originally from Asia, Satsuma is a small, citrus fruit that looks and tastes a lot like a tangerine or clementine. It is named after a province in Japan, but the trees likely originate from China. Satsuma is a type of seedless mandarin with loose skin, making it incredibly easy to peel. However, this makes them more difficult to zest, and the zest is less flavorful than other oranges. The Satsuma is small, sweet, and less strong in flavor than oranges, tangerines, and mandarins. They also come with less juice, making them significantly cleaner!

Is Satsuma Paleo?

Yes! One of nature’s very own on-the-go foods, Satsumas are definitely Paleo. They vary in sugar levels, depending on ripeness, but are about the same as most other mandarins and tangerines. They’re perfect for dipping in tempered dark chocolate for a fancy dessert, or tossing in your lunch bag for a super simple snack.

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