The Paleo List Answers:Is Cranberry Sauce Paleo?

A Thanksgiving tradition, cranberry sauce is one of the many holiday items that confuse health-conscious eaters. Cranberries are healthy, but when transformed into a “sauce” that comes in a can, and is generally served in slices rather than spoonfuls, what is it? Is it Paleo?is popcorn paleo cookbook

What is Cranberry Sauce?

Also called jelly or relish, this festive concoction is somewhat like a jam or jelly. It is produced by boiling cranberries with sugar until all the berries pop and break down. You can find both “whole berry” and “jellied” types of cranberry sauce in cans and jars. Commercially produced cranberry sauce is occasionally loose and uncondensed, but it is most frequently condensed into a thick syrup, and turned into a gelatin-like jelly.
Is Cranberry Sauce Paleo

Is Cranberry Sauce Paleo?

Store-bought? No. Ingredients always seem to include sugar, if you’re lucky. Many brands still use high-fructose corn syrup! If you just have to get your fix, check out the brands with less sugar and no funky ingredients, such as Dole’s Jellied Cranberry Sauce or Whole Foods’ 365 brand of organic cranberry sauce. Otherwise, it’s incredibly simple to make flavorful cranberry sauce at home! It might not have that Jello-style jiggle, but it will still taste great over your Thanksgiving turkey.
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