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Are Sunflower Seeds Paleo?


Sunflowers are oh-so-pretty additions to many homes across the country. They grow and twist to face the sun, and then when they wilt and die, they yield hard and flavorful little sunflower seeds.… Continue reading

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Is Muesli Paleo?


What is Muesli? Muesli is a European dry cereal similar to granola and contains toasted oats, dried fruit, nuts and wheat flakes. Occasionally, honey or brown sugar is also added for extra sweetness.… Continue reading

Are Bean Sprouts Paleo?


Legumes aren’t paleo right?  They contain phytic acid and other antinutrients that tend to strip vitamins and minerals from your body.   Bean sprouts come from beans, leading us to believe they would… Continue reading

Is Soy Milk Paleo?


Members of this community must have a soft spot for white colored beverages.  Just like coconut milk, we have received many requests to officially tackle soy milk.  Well today is the lucky day,… Continue reading

Is Beer Paleo?


Today’s post is another requested food/beverage:  Beer.   Enjoyed at college keggers to fine microbreweries and restaurants, beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the US, slightly edging out wine at 36%… Continue reading

Is Sesame Paleo?


Sesame has been part of my diet for my entire life since I’m half-Japanese and we seem to put it in just about everything.  That side of my heritage seems to be doing… Continue reading